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Larissa Anderson

Hello Embody Members,
My name is Larissa and I’ll be the smiling face behind the desk as you arrive.  I am excited to be part of this amazing, positive community of trainers and members.  It’s absolutely inspiring!
A little about me: I started my fitness journey as a gymnast during childhood.  I retired from gymnastics during high school and soon became a gym rat.  I found that I really enjoyed the process and benefits of resistance training.  After some time, I started missing gymnastics and was seeking something that could appeal to that part of me.  A friend suggested trying a hot yoga class.  I took my first class around 1998.  It just “clicked”.  I became a yoga teacher, mentor, and director around 2000.  I can’t believe it’s been over 17 years already.  Time flies when you are living your passion.  The balance of cardio, weight training, boot camp, and yoga is unlike any other.  I also like to get outdoors when it’s sunny in Seattle.  I am addicted to hiking and go every chance I get.  There’s nothing better than fresh air in your lungs!  I also love food and do my best to eat healthy so I like to include fresh pressed veggie/fruit juices and smoothies as often as possible. 

I am continuing to explore my career in fitness… you may have me as one of your Embody trainers in the future.  We will have lots of fun - guaranteed!  See you soon!! 

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