A Closer Look at the Mindset of a Fit Person

Ever wonder what makes some people so naturally gifted when it comes to fitness? It might seem that they never even have to think about hitting the gym, they just do it, never missing a workout.

And, they seem to actually enjoy eating healthy and using proper nutrition. It’s like their taste buds are just different or something.

What’s really making them like this? That is the question.

You need to realize that what’s going on in the mind of one of these people is often much different than what’s going on in the mind of an average person – one who doesn’t prioritize their health and fitness to the same degree.

Let’s look at a few of the similar traits that these ‘fit-minded’ people possess.


They Aren’t Relying On Motivation

The first and possibly most important difference about these people is that they are not relying strictly on motivation. If you are waiting for that huge motivational push to make you get up and attend one of the fitness classes being offered at your gym, you may be waiting forever.

Even the most fit of individuals have days where they simply don’t feel like it. They’re tired, they’re busy, and there’s a million other things they’d rather be doing than going to the gym.

But unlike most people who would just skip it, blaming low motivation, fit-minded people go anyway.

They know that motivation is going to be a poor strategy to help them stay consistent. They firmly believe that if they keep going, day in and day out, that is what will get them to their goals.

Consistency is what matters, not motivation. They’ve accepted there will always be days they don’t want to, but this doesn’t mean they won’t.


They Use Fitness As A Coping Mechanism

The second thing you’ll notice about fit-minded people is that they actually use the gym as a means of coping. While most people tend to cope with stress or problems in their life with eating foods they shouldn’t, fit-minded people hit the gym for a high intensity workout.

They get a flood of endorphins filling their body and these help to wash away all the stress. They’ve come to learn that a good workout session will make them feel far better for a longer period of time than the five minutes they feel good for after eating foods they shouldn’t. Upon which, guilt will often set in.


They’ve Found Something They Enjoy

Finally, another big difference between fit-minded people and those who aren’t is that they’ve discovered what it is that they enjoy. They aren’t forcing themselves to do workouts they hate. They truly like the sessions they do.

It may have taken some guesswork at the start to figure out what it was that really got them excited to exercise, but now that they know it, they truly do look forward to those sessions most of the time.

Contrast this with others who may be pushing themselves into the gym to do something they can’t wait to be over and you can see the difference it would make.

Realize there’s more than one way to get fit here – and find a way that you will enjoy.

So keep these points in mind. If something truly matters to you enough, you will find a way to make it happen. Often it’s simply reaching that point where your health, nutrition, and exercise is of top level priority.


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