Kauai Beach Boot Cam

BootCamp CompKirkland Personal Trainer Instructs a Boot Camp in Kauai

It’s official! I just got married in beautiful Kauai last week and we had a blast.

The weather was amazing, the wedding was stress free, and the surfing, boogie boarding, and body surfing was so much fun…although I have a few scrapes and bruises from some of the larger waves sending me to the ocean floor.

We kept the beach wedding really small but invited a few close friends and family who I was also able to convince to do a boot camp on the beach with me! What a beautiful place for a workout, right?

I gave them a little heads up but I know they weren’t expecting this. It’s tough working out on the sand but they did an amazing job. I caught it all on video and they (somewhat reluctantly) agreed to let me post it. Enjoy!

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