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Kirkland Personal Trainer Gives Advice on How to Keep the Pounds Off

The problem of obesity in America seems to be the trendy topic of the moment and, as a result, many unscrupulous people are hoping to cash in on the problem by providing unsound health and weight loss advice. With our busy schedules, we often look for short cuts and quick fixes but in health and weight loss, true success comes from living a healthy lifestyle.

The key to successful weight loss begins first with proper nutrition because a healthy diet will encourage your body to burn fat (and keep it off) rather than store it. This can be as simple as eating 5-6 small, nutritious meals throughout the day with the right amount of carbohydrates, fat and protein. Exercise is also important in improving metabolism and energy. Cardiovascular exercise will strengthen your heart while weight training will strengthen your bones and muscles, improve your posture and increase your metabolism.

This may all seem simple, but bad habits really do die hard! Without motivation and accountability, most of us will go back to our bad habits. So if you’re looking for motivation, think of all the great benefits of proper nutrition and exercise: weight loss, improved immune system, lower risk for disease, improved self confidence…the list goes on and on. Try exercising with a partner to motivate and hold each other accountable. Or work with a personal trainer who will guide you through the process, provide motivation and hold you accountable to your progress.

Choosing to live a healthier lifestyle does more than just prevent disease. The truth is your life depends on it. So don’t hesitate another day and start treating yourself better by eating well and being active!

So what do you do to maintain a healthy weight and active lifestyle?

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