Benefits of Teas

What’s your cup of tea?

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No matter what kind you drink you’re making efforts to improve your health and just plain feel better. Whether it’s for preventing a cold, improving heart health or just helping you relax (and reducing stress) you can’t go wrong with a cup of tea.

I’m a huge green tea drinker and you can probably set your clock to my 3:30 PM green tea break which helps me refocus for the afternoon. I never miss it! Among other benefits, it gives me a bit of a caffeine boost to help me crush the rest of the afternoon. It’s also a much better mid day option instead of coffee because it has less caffeine and won’t keep you up at night.

Teas have historically been used because of their disease fighting properties. Here are some of the benefits of a few of the most popular teas:

Type Description/BenefitAmount of Caffeine Time of Day to Enjoy
HerbalSometimes called Tisane. Flowers and fruits are often infused. Examples include: Rooibos, peppermint, chamomile. Many herbal teas are rich in vitamin C.Usually caffeine freeAnytime, Before bed
WhiteThis is the purest and least processed type of tea. It brews a light color and subtle flavor. Contains antioxidants, anti-cancer properties.MinimalAnytime
GreenThis popular tea is often blended with flowers or fruit. Contains antioxidants to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and fight cancer.5-10% of that in a cup of coffeeMorning, afternoon
Oolong This is a flavorful, aromatic semi-fermented tea. Can aid in weight loss and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. 15% of that in a cup of coffeeMorning, early afternoon
BlackThis tea is fully fermented, with a depth of flavor. Examples: Lipton Tea, used in chai. May help in reducing risk of stroke.20% of that in a cup of coffeeMorning, early afternoon


I’d love to hear what your favorite tea is and when you like to enjoy it…leave me a comment below!

Now, go pour yourself a cup of tea!

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