Reach Your Goal and Maintain It!

Kirkland Personal Trainer Reveals Tips to Maintain Your Goal Weight

Well, you’ve finally reached your weight loss goal. It’s time to celebrate! You deserve a pat on the back for all the hard work that got you here. Knowing how hard it took to reach your goals should be enough motivation for you to maintain your weight right? Well, not exactly. Unfortunately research shows that the vast majority of people who lose weight aren’t able to keep it off.

Why? It’s because the methods you use to lose weight, aren’t the right ways to maintain weight loss. You might have put yourself on a strict diet to get yourself down to your goal weight, but that kind of diet just isn’t sustainable. And losing weight doesn’t mean you learned the healthy lifestyle practices you need to stay healthy and happy.

But don’t worry, it’s not rocket science! Once you get to your goal weight, here are a few strategies to help you maintain your goal weight.

1. Regular Exercise:

It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do it consistently. Hiking, running, swimming, boot camps….Find something you enjoy and do it regularly. If you need more motivation, find a friend who will do it with you, and you can keep each other motivated. You can also try high intensity small group classes. They are usually quick, effective and high energy. Kirkland small groups are available throughout the week and will help increase your fitness level.

2. Portion Control vs Calorie Counting:

This is where that strict diet actually makes you gain weight! If you tightly controlled your calorie to get to your goal weight, that’s great! But it’s very hard to maintain that for the long term. Usually, people go from a strict diet to eating whatever they want, and that’s how you gain back the weight you lost. Research shows that a healthy approach to portion control, rather than counting every calorie you eat, will help you maintain a healthy weight over a long period of time. A simple way to exercise portion control is to fill your plate with 50% vegetables, 25% protein and 25% whole grains

3. Have a Healthy Attitude:

Weight loss is all well and good, but our real goal should be maintaining a healthy lifestyle: one that keeps us physically healthy and in shape, as well as emotionally healthy. Part of maintaining weight is developing a healthy relationship with food and with your body. Nourish your body and mind with healthy food and attitude. Stay positive and stay motivated. Stress will make your body gain weight, so use exercise as a way to relieve that stress.

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