We’re Finally There…

Embody Health’s Kirkland Personal Training Studio is Open!

First of all, I want to thank everyone for being so patient with us while we finish constructing our new personal training and boot camp studio in Kirkland. I’ve received a lot of comments from people excited to get started and I’m happy to announce that we are finally there.

Last week we finally (after 3 long months!!!) received our permits to finish the build-out of the studio and made huge progress this past week. Here are a few pictures of our almost final product.

Over the weekend we finished laying our special/comfortable gym mat flooring and opened our doors yesterday. Coincidentally, we were able to finish everything over my birthday weekend and that is all I wanted this year! :)

Since we just opened now (end of May) we will be extending our grand opening coupons yet again through the end of June so please click here to get your coupons and slim while you save!

I’ll post more pictures as we progress!


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