Why Lack of Sleep is Undermining Your Weight Loss

Kirkland Personal Trainer Explains Sleep and Weight Loss

I just read this great article on lack of sleep and how it can lead to weight gain over time. While this article doesn’t go into why this might be, I have my own theories. Lack of sleep usually goes hand in hand with stress, and we all know that when our bodies are stressed, we gain weight, especially around the gut!

Given the high demands from work and personal life, most of us live stressed to the max, and if you’re trying to lose weight, for some that’s just another added task and stressor in your already overloaded life. Maybe it’s just a symptom of how our society sees things: unless you are achieving tangible results like pounds dropped or inches lost, you’re not doing enough and you’re not working hard enough.

So when weight loss is slow, or takes time, we become more stressed, and struggle even more to lose that extra pound, which just causes our body to want to hold onto that weight even more. We might even start to get sick, or see ourselves losing the gains we worked so hard to make in our workouts.

Look, we all want to see results on the scale when we start a new diet or exercise program and being patient about that certainly isn’t something we’re geared towards. Just look at all the weight loss fads, diets and ads that pander to our need for quick fixes as proof of our impatience for results. But I see diet and exercise as something entirely different.

For me, embarking on a diet and exercise program isn’t necessarily about weight loss; it’s about a shift in thinking from our external environment to our internal environment. It’s a shift towards finally putting ourselves first and carving out that time to do the things that are important to maintain our health and happiness instead of putting everything else first to the detriment of our bodies.

So the next time you’ve eaten a healthy meal over fast food, or worked out instead of sitting on the couch and watching TV, spend 5 minutes acknowledging the good you have done yourself and focus on how your body feels.

Do you feel more energized? Did that achy feeling in your bones go away? Do you feel lighter and less bogged down by fatty foods? Did you sleep better?

Those results, while less tangible than numbers on a scale, are just as important, if not more so. Because it’s a testament to the fact that you are finally giving the care and attention to yourself that you deserve.

Trust me, if you can focus on that, your motivation will only increase and the results will be a much healthier, happier you.

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