12 Days of Christmas Fitness Challenge

Kirkland Personal Trainer’s 12 Days of Christmas Fitness Challenge

On the first day of Christmas, my personal trainer gave to me…..goblet squats and 10 burpees!

That’s right! We started our 12 Days of Christmas Fitness Facebook Challenge on 12-12-12. If you missed any days or the challenge itself, not to worry! Check out our posts and videos below to get caught up on our challenge.

Don’t forget to comment with your results and times!

Day 1: Plank Challenge

Hold a plank for as long as you can! Check out our video for instructions.

Day 2: How much water should you be drinking per day?

Use this formula: 0.6oz X bodyweight (lbs). Then divide by 8 to get the number of cups. My goal? 13 cups.

Day 3: Take the Stairs!

Skip the elevator and take the stairs where you can to help increase your calorie burn throughout the day! It’s also a great way to keep you energized.

Let’s see who can climb the most stairs today! Count how many you climb and post your results at the end of the day.

Day 4: No Processed Foods Day!

For today’s challenge, no processed foods means no foods with more than 5 ingredients, ingredients you can’t pronounce, artificial colors or flavors, and fake sugar (no high fructose corn syrup, no sucralose, no aspartame). As an additional challenge, post a picture of one of your “un-processed” meals and post it to our page!

Day 5: Pick one goal for the new year

We all know that New Year’s resolutions are infamous for sparking excitement, creating dedication and fizzle within the first couple months. Many of us have the same goals every year that are waiting to be completed.

But I want this year to be different for all of you! Today, I want to challenge you to start setting the intention for success to complete your goals in 2013.

Day 6: Wall Sit Challenge

How long can YOU hold a wall sit?

Make sure you stay at a 90 degree angle with hands out in front of you.

Day 7: Burpee Challenge

How many burpees can you complete in 1 minute?

Watch this video to get the full challenge:

Day 8: 5-10 minutes of stretching challenge

Watch this video to get the challenge:

Day 9: Try a new fruit or vegetable (or both!)

Head down to the store and pick out a fruit or veggie that you haven’t tried before (do both)!

You might find a new favorite. As an additional challenge, post a picture of the new fruit or veggie your tried to our page!

Day 10: Spread the cookie wealth

Many of you will receive (or probably already have) a ton of Christmas cookies over the holidays. And, since it’s the last day of work for some of you before the break, you’ll also see cookies spread throughout the office.

Today’s challenge is to enjoy some of those cookies yourself, but take the additional ones that you would normally have eaten as well and give them to someone else OR freeze them for another day OR just leave them on the plate : ). Your friends and waistline will thank you!

Day 11: 50 Push up time challenge

How long does it take for you to complete 50 pushups? Post your times in the comments! Pics and videos welcome!!!

Watch the video below for proper form and technique:

Day 12: Take Time for Yourself

You have made it to the final challenge! You’ve worked hard all year and now is the time to relax and be with family.
Today’s challenge is to make time for yourself and indulge a bit; be with friends and family, have a glass of wine and a few cookies and most importantly just relax. We hope you’ll have a great Christmas and we will see you in the New Year.

Good luck with each challenge and be sure to comment below and let me know how you did.

Merry Christmas!

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