3 Ways to Re-Motivate Yourself in the Gym

3 Ways to Re-Motivate Yourself in the Gym

Last week I was talking with some of our members because I hadn’t seen them at our Kirkland boot camp for a while and asked them where they had been. They all gave one of two excuses:

“I’ve been busy” and,

“Have I really been gone that long?”

Whenever I hear those types of excuses I know that there’s something deeper happening. What it really means is that they’ve lost their motivation and need a reset. This always happens around this time of year (the 8 week mark after New Year’s) and I bet most of you can relate. Fortunately this is common and there’s always a fix.

1. Remember WHY you want to be more fit and healthy. Simply having a goal isn’t enough unless it’s tied to something important to you. Think hard, and I mean really dig deep, about WHY you want to lose 20 lbs before the summer or run a half marathon or get off those medications.

Re-look at your goals from the beginning of the year. If you don’t have one then create one. If you’ve already achieved it or are close then modify it to create a new challenge. After your goal is in place write down WHY this is important to you AND create a scenario around it to make it real.

For example, “I will lose 15 lbs by May 30th because I’ll feel more confident on stage presenting to my coworkers at our annual retreat”. Replay this scenario over and over in your head as if you’re already there and it’ll feel like you’ve already made it.

2. Make a short term commitment. It could be for 1-2 weeks or even up to a month, but set aside 3 days per week on your calendar and plan to get into the gym, meet up with friends to play basketball or attend a fitness class. Don’t reschedule and don’t allow others to pull you away. It doesn’t take much to get back into the fitness habit. You’ll remember the great feeling it gives you and that will help you stay motivated longer.

3. Bring a friend. Self-motivation is tough. In fact, only about 8% of gym goers are self-motivated. With that in mind you know your friends are in the same boat as you so why not help each other out. Get 1-2 friends together and plan to meet at the gym, go for a run or join a group class together. The reality is that we would let ourselves down before we let a friend down (it’s human nature) so use that to your advantage to pull yourself, and your friends, out of the rut.

Oh, and if you find you can’t make it to a gym or just like working out at home you and use our 3 Week Home Fat Loss Course to help jump start things: http://www.iembodyhealth.com/3-week-home-fat-loss-course/

Take action on these steps before it’s too late (and that much harder to reset). Just make it happen! You’ll be so glad you did.

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