Fall Fitness Challenge

Enjoy Incredible Results In Less Than A Month With Our 28-Day Fall Fitness Challenge

Are you ready to see real results fast? Then join us at Embody Health in Kirkland and take on our incredible 28-Day Fall Fitness Challenge!  

This proven program can help men and women of all ages and experience levels burn fat and build muscle in no time! We're giving you a step-by-step guide to transform how your body looks and how you think and feel about your fitness journey.

The 28 Day Fall Fitness Challenge kicks off October 15th, so don't miss out!

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So How Does It Work?

It's simple! We have created a system of fitness workouts and nutrition coaching that will boost your metabolism and help you burn fat FAST.

Each workout in our 28-day challenge is designed to help you tone your muscles and burn fat from start to finish. And with this proven system, you'll enjoy the coveted afterburn that pushes your metabolism to keep working even after you leave the gym! 

We're hosting this incredible challenge beginning October 15th.

You can have access to:

  • Cutting-edge workouts 
  • Done-for-you daily menus, recipes and grocery lists
  • Access to our daily accountability app
  • Unwavering support
  • Access to a PRIVATE VIP support group
  • Motivation like never before 
  • Learn the tools necessary to keep your results after the challenge
  • FUN TIMES with a great group of people

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late! Our 28-Day Fall Fitness Challenge Is Kicking Off Soon!

We're starting this incredible journey on October 15th - so don't miss out! Take the first step toward a fitter, stronger, healthier lifestyle by signing up today. We're here at Embody Health to support you through the process.

Just fill out the short form on your screen for more information or to sign up for our 28-Day Fall Fitness Challenge for ONLY $97!

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