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What You Eat Is One Of The Most Important Ongoing Decisions You Make In Life!

Having an unhealthy lifestyle and weight issues can result in a lower quality day-to-day life and open yourself up to numerous diseases. Almost everyone struggles with nutrition, and even if you work hard in the gym, you cannot out-work a poor diet.

That’s Why I Created The NutriFit Program!

My name is Merryl and I’m a Certified Nutritionist at Embody Health and creator of NutriFit.

My mission is to help guide, educate, and support you to take charge of your health and the decisions you make about food and fitness in order to look and feel your best.

NutriFit is a personalized, customizable nutrition and wellness program. It is designed to help anyone interested in improving their health and relationship with food. Whether you want to lose weight, reverse disease, become more educated about nutrition, or develop a set of tools to help you stick with a healthy eating approach for the rest of your life, NutriFit can help you succeed.

Learn More To See How NutriFit Is Different From Other Nutrition Program!

NutriFit is different than any other diet or nutrition programs you may have tried because it is very focused on mindset. I believe improving awareness and mindfulness in all aspects of your life is crucial to bringing lasting change.

Mindful eating practices are a foundation of this program to help you connect with physical cues of actual hunger and fullness as well as psychological and emotional cues that can affect food choices. When focused on mindful eating, we are combining the acts of properly nourishing our body with the enjoyment of food, to create balance and freedom from restrictive eating as an approach to weight loss and management.

Creating mindful eating habits need to be trained just like we train our body in the gym. In fact, it takes roughly 3 months to change a habit that will actually stick. This is exactly why I made NutriFit a 3 month program to ensure you not only make the right habit changes but make sure they stick!

Personalization – One size does not always fit all, so we’ll work together to create a personalized program for you that takes into account your tastes, needs and goals that will ensure your success.

Build Lasting Change – We’ll meet twice a month where we’ll be focused on creating, practicing, and implementing sustainable, life-long healthy habits surrounding food, fitness, and general wellbeing

Create Balance and Freedom – restrictive eating as an approach to weight loss doesn’t work! Instead we’ll build a program that provides balance and freedom in your lifestyle that you’ll enjoy and are more likely to stick with.

Program Details (make this a chart with check marks as bullets)

  • 60 Minute Initial Consultation *
  • Two – 30 minute In Person Coaching Sessions per Month
  • Custom Nutrition Plan
  • Nutrition Resources (recipe books, handouts) *
  • Unlimited Email Support *
  • Regular Progress Tracking *
  • Access to Nutrition and Exercise Workshops *
  • 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee *

*=already included with your Embody Health fitness program membership

If you’ve been working hard in the gym and still aren’t seeing the results you’d like, Nutritional guidance with the NutriFit program at Embody Health is the missing puzzle piece!


Simply fill out the short form below to schedule a free 60 minute nutrition consultation and learn more about how NutriFit can benefit you.

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