Hi Tech Laxogenin Bodybuilding Supplement: An Underrated Supplement for Bodybuilders

Hi Tech Laxogenin Bodybuilding Supplement: An Underrated Supplement for Bodybuilders

We’ve talked about a number of supplements that can help us gain muscle, but one area that is sometimes missed is the ingredients that can help us achieve our goals. To begin, we’d want to introduce something that few people are familiar with, despite the fact that it’s a key element in several of Predator Nutrition’s best-selling supplements: Hi Tech Laxogenin. This supplement acts as a human growth hormone mimetic, which means it can have similar effects on the body as actual HGH. Aside from boosting testosterone levels and increasing muscle mass, scientists have discovered that Laxogenin has been able to help athletes recover faster from injuries by reducing the amount of time it takes for healing to occur. Hi Tech Laxogenin is a potent ingredient, which means taking it in low dosages can still help achieve great results. Hi Tech Laxogenin is a powerful ingredient, which means taking it in low dosages can still help achieve great results. The best part about it is that it is plant-based, which is generally safer than anabolic steroids. 

What is Laxogenin? 

Laxogenin, also known as Hi Tech Laxogenin, is a plant compound and the most well-known member of a class of substances known as brassinosteroids, of which mustard is one. This supplement has been shown to have anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties. There are a lot of benefits associated with the proper use of Laxogenin which has been clinically proven to increase testosterone levels while decreasing estrogen levels.The use of Laxogenin has been shown to have a positive impact on the following: 

Laxogenin is a plant steroid with a structure comparable to the more well-known plant extract ecdysterone. According to research, it possesses anabolic qualities similar to anabolic steroids such as Anavar, one of the most prominent oral anabolic steroids of all time. Laxogenin is also known for its anticatabolic and muscle growth-enhancing effects. Laxogenin is the compound most commonly found in the plant “Laxa”, which is a type of sedge. The plant’s stem and leaves are used to make traditional Chinese medicines, such as qinghao capsules and chaihu pills, which are used in China to treat muscle pain , arthritis, rheumatism, and obesity. 

Does this mean that Hi Tech Laxogenin is a prohormone? 

The simple answer is no. Prohormones function by supplying the body with a substance that is similar to testosterone. When you take a prohormone, your body detects an increase in androgen levels (the collective term for prohormones and testosterone) and reduces its own testosterone synthesis to compensate. 

Laxogenin, unlike prohormones, has no effect on your body’s endocrine system. In other words, it has no effect on hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. 

How does Laxogenin work then?

How does Laxogenin work then? 

Laxogenin research has primarily taken place in the former Soviet Union. While its mechanism of action has yet to be fully understood, given its status as a brassinosteroid, the majority of research to far have concluded that it directly stimulates protein synthesis while inhibiting protein breakdown. 

This appears to be a recurring feature across the entire class of brassinosteroids, or at least those that have been well examined. By decreasing the stress hormone cortisol, laxogenin is thought to improve muscle repair and growth. Excess cortisol levels might make it difficult to grow muscle, much alone strength. 

Who can use Laxogenin? 

Because Laxogenin is not a prohormone and has no effect on the HPTA (hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis), it can be used by almost anyone, even women. 

Laxogenin is extremely advantageous for anyone looking to improve their physique because it increases protein synthesis while decreasing protein breakdown. 

How long can Laxogenin be used for? 

There is no reason to limit Laxogenin use to a limited length of time because it will not influence your hormone levels. It is not like testosterone boosters, which the body gradually adapts to by lowering its own natural test levels. 

We frequently see people using laxogenin pills for 3-4 months at a time and seeing fantastic success, regardless of whether their aim is to gain muscle, boost performance, or lose body fat. 

Laxogenin usage 

Laxogenin usage 


  • 25mg per serving 
  • Take 3-6 dosages each day for a total daily consumption of 75mg-150mg. 
  • When to take it: Laxogenin is best taken with food to maximize absorption. 


Prohormone substitute that works. Consider the many muscle-building supplements. If prohormones, SARMS, testosterone boosters, and estrogen blockers are excluded, the list of components that can help users improve performance and recover faster becomes quite short. One such component is laxogenin. 

It works in conjunction with the use of protein supplements. If you exclude supplements based on protein or protein breakdown products, such as BCAAs, the list becomes much shorter. Laxogenin is in this category, along with other compounds we’ll look at in this series, such as epicatechin, arachidonic acid, and creatine. 

Fast-acting. Because Laxogenin pills work quickly, they are great for anyone trying to gain muscle and strength quickly. 

It can be combined with prohormones. Laxogenin can be combined with other supplements, such as testosterone boosters and estrogen blockers, to increase muscle growth and recovery along two separate paths. This makes a lot more sense than combining two or three separate testosterone supplements that all target the same pathway. 

PCT is an option (post cycle therapy). Laxogenin products are also a good alternative after a prohormone cycle because they induce anabolism via a different channel than testosterone boosters. 

Reported results 

  • Recovery time is reduced. 
  • Muscle discomfort after exercise is reduced. 
  • Strength improvements that are more rapid 
  • Resistance to physical and mental tiredness has improved. 

Side Effects 

While there are no reports regarding the side effects of Hi Tech Laxogenin, that doesn’t mean it won’t have any at all. Some negative side effects of Laxogenin may occur depending on how it is used, and how much is being taken. Some of the potential negative side effects of Laxogenin include increased risk of cancer, muscle loss, and liver damage. These side effects can occur if Laxogenin is taken in high amounts, or over a long period of time. Some other side effects can also occur depending on the person taking Laxogenin. Some of these negative side effects include nausea, hair loss, joint pain, decrease in hemoglobin, and increased blood pressure. 

Other Brands and reviews 

There are various natural muscle building supplements on the market that have Laxogenin in their ingredient list, as well as a few that contain Laxogenin as the main ingredient. Progenadrex from Fusion Supplements, Adamantine from Hydrapharm, Massacr3 from Olympus Labs, and Anogenin from Blackstone Labs are some of our most popular Laxogenin products at Predator Nutrition. 


Hi Tech Laxogenin is a plant-based supplement that can help a lot of people, including bodybuilders and athletes, improve their physical performance and appearances. This supplement is known for its ability to improve the body’s strength and power, muscle endurance, and fat loss. It has been discovered that this supplement can also help improve the levels of testosterone in male bodies. This supplement is recommended for people over 18 years old. 


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